FormFactor, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORM ) - It's building a nice base

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  1. long as it keeps making progress and keep the uptrend line in place people will be confident to stay long. It was another volatile week for FormFactor, Inc. (NASDAQ:FORM). The stock hit $10.64 at its high and $9.83 at the low. Overall I don't see any changes from my previous comments. The share price is stuck in a range with $10.75 as the top of the range and $8.58 as the bottom of the range. A breakout from the range would impart a decisive trend. For the short term, it is consolidating inside an ascending triangle with resistance at $10.75. If it breaks out of the ascending triangle, target price is at $12.89. Technicals still point to FORM being a buy and I believe today's pullback could be the perfect entry point for a strong bounceback. CMF is positive for the first time since its last big run. Bulls have been buying dips near FORM's rising 50-dma so I'm suggesting a stop just under the 50-dma.

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  2. sold!
  3. This company has no debt and about $333.2 million of cash, so they have about $6.58 a share in cash.
  4. A base Miguel?

    What you have is a year of sideways movement, in the basement.

    IF it's a base, multiply width x height and add to a breakout. You don't even get 15.

    Cash on hand? That would suggest no where to put it in their core business. A good business model is lean on cash and.........levered. Particularly when short interest rates are at a mult-generational low.

    There's better risk/reward scenarios.

    Bases? Here's (3): HOOK, EGOV, CTGX. As for the latter, if the "X" suffix is dropped from the ticker, meaning IN complaince, watch it soar. Not sore, soar.
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  5. Seems as if you bought FORM and are trying to convince yourself it was a smart decision. I think you bought it just because you thought it was cheap. With so many strong stocks why such a weak one? Move on.
  6. Breaks out of channel and crossed both 50 and 200 day SMA. MACD and STO good.
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  7. I don't see that as building a base... looks more like a weak stock in a channel... base lacks tightness
  8. RobtF


    Is there a catalyst you're looking for here? Earnings to be released Tue., after close.
  9. Volume picked up to the upside. FORM unusual call option activity set up for a breakout.
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