Former US State Governor Questions 9/11 Official Story

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  1. Ex Navy SEAL (and he was specifically TRAINED in demolitions) and former State Governor has breaking story about 9/11 -

    So why does Fox News have "Britney Beat" as mainline news but not a peep about this???

    Why NOTHING yet on Drudge, AP, etc???
  2. Jesus!

    I can't believe people are still spewing out this crap.

    Popular Mechanics, of all groups, put the demolition conspiracy to bed once and for all a few years back by doing an expose on video (which you can buy) on all the major 9-11 conspiracies to see if any actually held up under scrutiny. I think its pretty safe to say that Popular Mechanics magazine is non partisan.

    Anyway, they interviewed the US company that has done more major demolitions than any other for the piece. This is something like a 3rd generation company, so they know their shit. The guy interviewed said that the floors "detonated" would have to have been closed off for at least 10 days to prep them (drilling holes for explosives, cutting supports, etc). Guess what? No floors closed. Then when asked how the building would have fallen if structural beams failed under heat (and they don't have to be melted, just really heated), he said EXACTLY as it did fall. Conspiracy nuts just ignore this stuff that is crucial to the theory working.

    It gets even better. The pilots of those planes just happened to hit the exact floors that "detonated". SURE they did.

    And finally, do you know how many people would have had to be in on the know to pull something like this off? I doubt you could find that many Americans in the entire country that would even go along with something like this.

    It just does not hold any water. NONE.

    I am not even remotely a fan of the Bush administration, but there is no way a US Pres, not to mention numerous people in his administration, would blow up 3,000 innocent people to go to war in Afghanistan and Iraq. In fact, the only people that even think this way are the conspiracy nuts.
  3. Trusting Popular Mechanics is like trusting Fox News. But then few people know how to think for themselves, and that's why Rupert Murdock is one of the most powerful people in the world.

    You might want to research just how credible William Randolph Hearst was. Out of curiosity, do you even know what "yellow journalism" is?

    P.S. 10 days of work on WTC ehh? LOL, not familiar with the strange drills & changes at WTC for months prior, I assume.
  4. For the FIRST time in the history of the WTC buildings, the power was OFF for about thirty hours on the weekend of the 8th and 9th of Sept -

    You know about the security firm for the WTC buildings, right? (with a contract that just happen to have an expiration date of Sept 11th, 2001) -

    This video here is VERY powerful - numerous details shown here -
  5. How do you figure that? Fox News is right wing to get those viewers. Why would Popular Mechanics have any vested interest what so ever? They simply thought it was a great topic.

    Besides, they didn't make the conclusions. They let the top people in demolitions, structural engineering, pilots, etc do that.
  6. Add me to the list of complete fools then. Along with 99% of the populace.

    BTW, we really did land on the moon. I don't believe US elections for president are fixed either.
  7. TGregg


    Yep the mainstream media is in bed with the Bush administration. That's why they have reported nothing but good news about the Iraq war, and all that coverage about how we found the weapons of mass destruction. That's why all you read about in the papers is how bad Obama is. The media is nothing but a shill for the GOP. Look at how they attacked democratic senator and former Klan leader, Robert Byrd. And it's a darn good thing too, because we sure are enjoying all this cheap gas and oil that we got as a result of this.

    Well, OK, so none of this is true.

    But, look at how many people saw all these prewired explosives in these buildings. And everybody knows that fire doesn't melt steel - we dig steel girders out of the ground fully formed!

    Well, OK, so none of that is true either.

    Neocons with Pixie Dust melt steel to form all the things we use. Elvis helps them when he can get away from that comet he lives on.

    BTW: There's a Nigerian Oil Widow who needs some help. I sent her your email. You should be rich beyond measure this time next year.

    I took some oil and tossed a match in it. It went out! Gas is made from oil, right? But it doesn't explode - it didn't even catch fire! All these cars that blow up - that must be the work of the conspiracy too! Oil doesn't burn.

    And I took this metal plane that I have and threw it at the ground. It didn't bust apart, it was barely dented. I even set it on fire, and it didn't burn! If planes crashed into the WTC, where did they go? Where are those indestructable engines?

    EDIT: Guys in suits with earpieces made me write that. You are right on target, keep up the good work. But watch out, I had to show them your IP address. You might want to avoid staying in one location for more than a couple hours. Just a second, somebody is at my door again. . . .

  8. so how did wtc7 fall in free fall speed again? nothing hit it except debris. and how did the BBC report it 23 minutes prior to its demolition?
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