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  1. Hello,

    I will like to ask some questions to former Scottrade Brokers.

    1. How was your experience working at your local retail Scottrade office?

    2. Was the experience positive or negative? Please explain in detail.

    3. Why did you leave the company and if you had a chance will you ever go back?

    4. Did the company provide any training for new brokers?

    5. What is a typical day as a broker working at Scottrade?

    Thank you
  2. Did someone offer you the job?
  3. fra10trader,

    Scottrade will be opening a retail office around my area and will like to apply for a position once is open, but I need to find out the real deal of working in on of Scottrade retail offices.
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    I'm not sure they have any training at all. I have Scottrade accounts and all the "brokers" have been good for has been to open my accounts and take deposits. They are more like bank tellers.

    I know a discount broker is not expected to have answers but when I call with a problem like a stuck order or a technical problem they really seem clueless. I called them recently when a trailing stop order triggered but didn't sell. The guy said that I placed a market order. I had to explain that a triggered stop loss becomes a market order.
  5. here's a recent review right from the ET forum:
  6. Thank you for the link fra10trader.
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  8. Is it a salary position? I don't think Scottrade does any active selling, but it will SUCK if so. Not many jobs worse than a retail stock broker, cold calling 8 hours per day to get accts. I've done it (went straight to trading afterwards).

    I believe you will simply be answering phones, and giving out info.
  9. I have a scottrade elite account.

    For 2 days earlier in the year their systems were messed up - bad. First time I had seen it happen. Their network was reporting incorrect spreads, not executing orders, etc.

    I missed a bunch of fills, I called the local office, they took my order by hand, and got me filled - at 5:30pm. No hassle.

    Top-notch Broker.

  10. Jayford,

    How did you made the switch from broker to trader?

    How long did it took you to get there?

    Thank you
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