Former Sanford Police Chief: City Wanted an Arrest, Mishandled Evidence

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    Max E.

    If zimmerman gets off after this pathetic show trial does this former police chief have cause for a wrongful termination suit?

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    Former Sanford police chief Bill Lee says he was pressured to arrest George Zimmerman despite a lack of sufficient evidence to prove he was guilty of a crime.

    In an exclusive interview with CNN, Lee recounts how a city manager asked him several times "Well, can an arrest be made now?" Lee also says a city commissioner came to him twice to deliver the same urgent message "It was related to me that all they wanted was an arrest. They didn't care if it got dismissed later."

    CNN also asked Lee about the decision by the mayor of Sanford to play a 911 call with someone screaming for help for the Martin family without police present. The mayor invited the Martin family to city hall and played the 911 calls for them as a group. Lee told CNN "It should be done individually so there's no influence on the other people in the room."

    The identity of the person screaming for help has been one of the most contentious issues in the case. Voice ID by experts became a major pre-trial battle and, after the judge ruled those experts inadmissible, both sides have presented multiple witnesses claiming they recognize the voice as either Martin or Zimmerman. Testimony at trial by two police officers indicated that Martin's father did not recognize the voice when he first heard the recording, though he later denied this on the stand.

    The pressure placed on Lee because of the Zimmerman case led to him being fired in May of 2012. He had been on the job just 10 months. Asked if he has any regrets, Lee told CNN "I'm happy that at the end of the day I can walk away with my integrity."
  2. Former Sanford police chief Bill Lee is responsible for his terminiation in Sanford. In many ways the failures of Mr. Lee and the local prosecutor turned this case into the complete mess it is today.

    Mr. Lee failed to properly explain to many parties what steps were being taken in the investigation and failed to follow the required paperwork steps within his department to arrive at resolution. His failure was aided by the local prosecutor who failed to take timely action in the case and provide proper judical documentation.

    After reviewed the full evidence in the Zimmerman case, I am convinced the entire situaiton was likely self-defense, and the front line police officers did their job properly - however the administration of the Sanford police department did not do their jobs properly. This left the case with no reasonable closure in a timely manner for either party; the Martin family or Zimmerman.
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    He probably does have a wrongful termination suit. Just wish the msm would have shown that clip more where he says, "they just wanted an arrest." Well, since the bullfrog jessie trashjackson, al shithead, AND Our President (unreal!!!) got involved, the prosecutor obviously just wanted a conviction. Doesn't matter that the guy's innocent; doesn't matter the guy on NIGHT TIME SECURITY WATCH was getting his ass pummeled to death by a THUG. Since the black pc police (Onazi, sharpton, jackson, the msm, etc.,) got involved, someone was going to pay for this, and sadly, Zimmerman could go down for manslaughter.

    When I went through the State Police Academy moons ago, we were always told, "one of the very worst things you can do out here is put an innocent man in prison." Well, that's exactly what these assholes bowing down to the pc police are doing, and deep in their hearts they know it... I don't know how they live with themselves.:(

    My God! As someone who knows the law well, I'm stunned this went this far. The rule of law means nothing anymore when a black US President gets involved alongside Jackson, Sharpton, and the msm.:mad: