Former Reagan Official: Bush May Stage False Flag Events To Reinstate Draft

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    Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration Paul Craig Roberts has gone further than ever before, warning that the Bush administration could be about to stage false flag events and terror attacks in order to reinstate the draft, announce a dictatorship and attack Iran.

    Roberts has been dubbed the "Father of Reaganomics" and is also a former editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and Scripps Howard News Service.

    "Ask yourself: Would a government that has lied us into two wars and is working to lie us into an attack on Iran shrink from staging "terrorist" attacks in order to remove opposition to its agenda?" writes Roberts.

    If the Bush administration wants to continue its wars in the Middle East and to entrench the "unitary executive" at home, it will have to conduct some false flag operations that will both frighten and anger the American people and make them accept Bush's declaration of "national emergency" and the return of the draft. Alternatively, the administration could simply allow any real terrorist plot to proceed without hindrance.

    A series of staged or permitted attacks would be spun by the captive media as a vindication of the neoconsevatives' Islamophobic policy, the intention of which is to destroy all Middle Eastern governments that are not American puppet states. Success would give the US control over oil, but the main purpose is to eliminate any resistance to Israel's complete absorption of Palestine into Greater Israel.

    Think about it. If another 9/11-type "security failure" were not in the works, why would Homeland Security czar Chertoff go to the trouble of convincing the Chicago Tribune that Americans have become complacent about terrorist threats and that he has "a gut feeling" that America will soon be hit hard?
  2. an article today has some big general in the IDF talking about "when the conflict with syria begins." looks like they have already decided to initiate the war. iran has an agreement with syria so that will bring them into it.... and bush has already said he would help israel even if they are the aggressor. God help us all.
  3. Me think in September.
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    And once again, the sky falls.

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    Yes Rat, ... this time it *really is* falling. I get it.

  7. Nuclear. The west will be hit first. Dirty bomb. Then retaliation on the capital most suspect.

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    Let me guess ... hmmm ... will knowledge also increase?


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    Roberts has gone schizoid. No conservative counts him as a conservative anymore.

    And it's getting pretty old listening to libs accuse the republicans of wanting a draft, when it is libs who are the only congressmen who actually propose there be a draft.

    Do you people really think everyone is that stupid to overlook these facts.
  10. When the west is hit, even the Hollywood types will demand retribution. That's when the mess happens.

    McCain is right. Go to war to win, and quickly. Or don't go to war. Al Queda is not as smart as we give them credit for. They hit here, we get a Republican President, and all hell will break loose.

    It is inevitable. An enemy who bases slaughter on Religious Dogma, and the West with no where to go, and with no real leaders. Who do we look to ? A TV actor?
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