Former Reagan Asst Sec of Defense also thinks Bush is an idiot

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  1. It's perfectly consistent with the argument that states Al Queda was NEVER in Iraq. The argument says that Sadam and Al Queda were enemies and that Sadam wouldn't permit Al Queda, or any Islamist extremists for that matter, to operate in his country.

    Now that Sadam's gone, they can.
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  2. True.
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    Al Queda's presense in Iraq was effectively squashed by Saddam.
    I certainly didn't imply Saddam was an Al Queda colloborator. However it's clear that Islamc extremists were waiting for a Saddamless culture in which to opperate. As you know I was not totally anti-Saddam.

    However one cannot make a moralist argument that Saddam was acceptable. It's like saying don't go after Castro because he represses street crime in Havana.
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  4. I just read a lengthy article in the wash times that made a compelling case that saddam's intelligence service had an ongoing collaboration with al qaeda. we know there were training camps in Iraq, there is the whole issue of the meetings bewteen 9/11 planners and saddam's agent in poland I believe and the safe haven he gave to various al qaeda figures. Probably he wasnot involved as much as others in the region but neither was he an avowed enemy as some are intimating.
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    Believe the meeting was in Prague. Is the article in todays paper?
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  6. wherent the camps in the no fly zones - under us air protection
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  7. see also:

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