former reagan and bush 1 economic advisor.much of debt due to bush tax ccuts

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    The democrats want an empire of benevolence, which means empire plus spending on the "folks back home". The republicans want an empire of enrichment, which means empire plus spending on a wealthy few. Democrats seem to think that if most of the populace is content, then a majority of the populace will be content, while republicans seem to think that if the elite is content, then the populace will be content.
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    There's only one reader comment at the link, but it's spot on.

    That was an abomination of logic

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    democrats want an empire of just enough shit to keep the populace happy while the wealthy control all the means of production and make all the profits.

    republicans used to believe in opportunity for individuals and domestic business and manufacturers.... now republican leadership strives for the same thing as the democrats.
  4. The problem is that both parties associate superfluous wealth with happiness. I don't know about yall, but I work and when I know my bills are paid and my savings account is paid and I've got a little left over for recreation, I go home and spend time with family and friends.

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    Were not the Bush tax policies more or less extended by the guy YOU support and voted for?
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    I could be wrong, but our debt problems just could have something to do with our monetary system. Inparticular, the Fed.

    When the govt needs money, it borrows from the fed.

    For every $100 bond our friends at the fed buy, they are allowed to 'create' another grand to lend out.

    Where does our friends at the fed get the cash?? The govt. prints it and (this hurts) ... and GIVES it to the fed ... (this part really hurts) ... AND THEN BORROWS IT BACK!!!

    Bennie Franklin, Andy Jackson and Abie Lincoln (just to name a few) had a problem with this philosophy. They felt that the govt should not need to borrow a cent, but rather, that the govt should be able to print AND[/] issue the currency. No borrowing = no debt!!!

    Not a bad concept.

    [bD'YA THINK!!!!
  7. The government is a parasite that only has what it confiscates from the productive. People keeping more of what they earn doesn't cause any debt. Overspending does.
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    Discretionary spending has increased four-fold since Obama took office. And that is a fact.

    "The sizeable lead Barack Obama held over a generic Republican opponent in polls conducted earlier this year has vanished as his support among independent voters has fallen off."
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    First two years of his office, total spending increased by 21.4 % over Bush's highest levels. And he keeps spending more, not less.

    Check the CBO.


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