Former President Jimmy Carter has Lost His Mind

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FortuneTeller, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Some people are just idiots with nothing of substance to add to any argument.

    Carry on...
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  3. The guy won a Nobel Prize, was President of the United States, Governor of Georgia, LT. in the Navy, Masters in Nuclear Physics, dedicated his life to building homes for the poor, called on by world leaders for advice, will have a few paragraphs devoted to him in history books for centuries to come and the ...mutants are criticizing him.

    Don't you aholes have the father of two little girls to belittle.

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  4. I was waiting to see how long it would take someone high up in the DNC to make this comment. This was not some off the cuff remark. It was 100% planned.

    Now the die is cast...if BHO fails its a race issue, not policy.

    Genius really...:D
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  5. Obama is the best thing to have ever happened to the conservative movement.

    I encourage all liberals to please, please, please, keep the rhetoric going!
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  6. Don't forget FATHER OF THE NORTH KOREAN ATOMIC BOMB!!, in addition to Carter's other accomplishments you list, fool.
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    I wonder if Carter will ever end his love afffair with dictators. For someone that's supposedly the smartest U.S. president, it's one of the craziest things I've ever seen in politics.
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    Carter is a clown. He was a one term disaster as president, and now he thinks millions of Americans are racists for not being in agreement with Obama's policies.
    Carter has proven himself to be a stupid hick, just like Bill Clinton. :D
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  10. Jimmy Carter is ancient. Where the hell is a death panel when you need one?
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