Former President Jimmy Carter has Lost His Mind

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  1. I agree, was reading that this morning. What a stupid comment for a former CIC to make.
  2. Accusations of racism is the last refuge of the defeated. What's amazing is how quickly we got here.
    The radical left finds themselves trying to defend the indefensible. Obama is what he is. He did sit in Rev. Wrights congregation for decades. He did and still does have close ties with self avowed commies and radicals. He has and will continue to appoint radicals to government positions. He is making a huge grab for government control over all sectors of our economy. The truth is the truth.
    Further, and more importantly, it doesn't matter how many times Baghdad Ben and House Honky Joe come out and say the recession is over. So long as mom and pop public keep losing jobs, still fell threatened of job loss, have to take under employment as an option, see their neighbors go into foreclosure...the recession continues. Painted in to an ever tightening corner, the lefties have had to play their hole card way too early. 2010 will be a massacre for them and they know it.
  3. To Jimmy....

    ...You Lie!!!
  4. Shagi


    Its racism - just like the right wing protests - with Nazi symbols and so called an Obama african witch doctor symbols - but then im wasting my time here with people who are genetically racist
  5. Shagi


    He really wanted to say - You lie boy

    some people just can't believe a black man is president and will never accept it

    well he is here to stay so live with it or f'*%k off back to Europe
  6. I heard he wanted to say "You lie, Mr. President", before he was rudely interrupted by the President.
  7. Ricter


    "Rudely" interrupted by the president?? Obama stopped, listened, and calmly said, "that's not true".

    Furthermore, it's not an interruption because it was not Wilson's time to speak.
  8. Ricter, Loosen up, Man....:D
  9. House Honky Joe

    :D :D :D
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