Former New York Mercantile Exchange President Goes BROKE

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  1. Especially in light of my own ongoing trade in currencies.

    This bozo LOSES $100s of millions and has to close his fund????


    Here's an update of the ongoing sKaLpZ trade.

    This trade has breezed along just fine during the period Mr. Ex NYMEX Chairman lost his ***. :D

    Check the snapshot - last update can been seen here.

    Now shadowing 15% NET... the trade virtually DESTROYS Mr. Nymex's fledging attempts to profit in his "hedge fund."

    *busts up laughing*

    And, they this clown $500,000,000??

    That guy's a poor excuse for livin'.

    The dRaWdOwN

    ps: By the way, for comparison sake... $500,000,000 in the sKaLpZ trade account would be now showing a profit close to $75,000,000! (if I have my calculation figures right).

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  2. Check out the NEXT disaster...

    Ex-SEC chief just got $400,000,000 from the California Public Employees' Retirement System into his hedge fund.

    Richard Breeden is now gonna try to TRADE it into a profit - LMAO!

    Just wait, guys, this bozo's "hedge fund" is gonna blow sky high! Just like the last loser. :D

    You read it here first, Folks. ;-)

  3. Here's a update on the sKaLpZ trade.

    The recent run up on GBP/JPY helped booked profits to zoom net to 15.70%.

    Margin Used ($7219.82) is slightly higher due to the additional GBP/JPY position (7500-units) but still within trade co-ordinates.

    Trade started 05-25-05 and has a 24-month time frame, ending on 05-25 2007. Another 8 months to go. :D


    <img src=>
  4. Those DEMO account screenshots sure do look nice.

    Are you a graphic design major looking to make your first pretend million so that you can open your own studio?
  5. Ha!

    But, the gains are real, pal, as real as your blood.

    This simulator is traded on LIVE currency quotes, not delayed.

    Plus, the system being traded is not emotion-based.

    If you think you can do better (live acct OR sim acct) you're welcome to post your results.

    I highly doubt you'll do as well.

    Thanks for the spam.

    Btw, nice ID ya got. You trying out for a Gas-X commercial?

  6. One other thing, Bluto Gas-Xski...

    Get $19,000 using $7,000, trading currencies in the Foreign Exchange.

    Have zero losing trades in 16-months.

    To put that into perspective... it's 275% gain using money to trade money.

  7. Thanks for the nice sweet E-Mail:

    here ya go

    worthless prick.


    When you can ever deal in reality, facts and real trading accounts, plese let ET know. I don't think too many are holding out much hope for you.

    Your only scaming for $1,000,000 right?

    When you aren't trading demo and simulator accounts, you focus your time and energy on ET to see what alias you can dream up after you get banned for the XXth time. Yeh, so many people would want to give you money....

    Why don't you start a real business. Maybe you can suck barnacles of ships in South Florida. In dry dock of course.
    By the Chapstick in bulk at Costco - to save you money to fund your DEMO account - again.

    Good luck!
  8. Well, it's the Gasman!

    Gasski, YOU should realize that this simulator account trades on REAL LIVE currency quotes... NOT delayed.

    Consequently, ANY results obtained are also REAL - gains AND losses.

    Emotional traders trading emotion-based systems cannot get steady, positive results on this sim acct anymore than they can trading live accounts (that I trade also, btw).

    Hence, flaming morons like you cannot get ANY results other than losing ones - that's why you flame me.

    If YOU beg to differ, let's see your stuff, dude - open an Oanda simulator acct and TRADE. Post your results.

    Until you can put up (that I highly doubt will be forthcoming)... shut your lousy, spamming, chapstick-glossed digital mouth.

  9. Here's the lastest update for the sKaLpZ trade for those interested (I got 2 whole new views last month [I think one of them was from Paris Hilton] - plus some nasty spam from Brutogassmouth).

    Some big changes! Mainly, Margin Used went up to its highest level - $11,150.83.

    This is due to additional units being added across the board.

    Bending the strat slightly at this time, hitting retracements to trades' being closed at average price (then re-entered) is the short term goal.

    This will significantly put the overall trade in better structural alignment against the global currency backdrop for further acute and specific profit-targeting in the future.

    Well, we'll see which way the wind blows now.

    DrawDown, writing in for sKaLpZ.

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