Former Market Wizard getting smoked!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maverick74, Mar 16, 2004.

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    Blair Hull is getting destroyed here in the Illinois Primary for US Senate. I mean destroyed, this one is ugly. Ouch!
  2. One of my worst investments ever was in the Dennis fund. Lost over $110K because of that that Richard Dennis piece of shit.
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    From what I heard of Dennis, he a had a few nice runs in his day. But outside of those nice runs, I heard he wasn't that great of a trader.
  4. In fall of 2000, the Dennis fund was well over 50% below high water mark, and for the second time in his career, he folded.

    Richard Dennis is also widely rumored to be a homosexual fudge packer (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)
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    RM I was in the Dennis Fund as well. I once had a debate on ET with a guy who seemed to know chicago well stating that scaling out was for dopes. (paraphrase) He cited about how RD would run things on the floor and when he got his trade working he would pile in and drive it higher not scale out.

    It was his friendly arguement for why I was wrong.

    I told him I invested in the dennis fund. That I caught a pretty good run with him. Took out half for part of my house and let the other half ride. RD then lost about 50% in what about 6 mos or less.

    So that was my moral of the story. Had I not scaled on on Richard Dennis I would have lost half or more of my money instead of being about 8,000 better than break even.
  6. He's a trend follower, period. Believes in longer term, trend following systems (turtle).

    When it works, it works big. When it doesn't, well...

    I bet he'd do well this last year if he was still at it however.
    copper, beans, gold, the buck, etc.
    great year for the big trends.

    I'm not a trend follower, so missed all of it!

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    Apparently the wife beating allegations and the cocaine use did Hull in. He was up pretty pig before this stuff hit the press last week. What a drop. Keep in mind guys, Hull was the front runner for a while by a pretty decent margin. I'm happy that arrogant prick got killed.
  8. Cocaine use can derail a politician?

    Dubya & Clinton both had a nose like a vacuum cleaner.
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    True, but Blair Hull admitted to doing blow after work on a regular basis in the office. He had 50 reporters asking him questions about it. I think that took a lot of people by surprise. Then there is also the allegations that he beat the shit out of his wife, that didn't win him any points either.