Former Madoff customers argue it wasn't a Ponzi

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    We're off the reservation here. This is a thread about Madoff, not CSE's default. Zero fvcks given to UBS or CS. I have no love for either bank. My only dealing with UBS was their OTC exotics front-end and I haven't used it in years. I had no significant issues with UBS and this was OTC FX options. So imagine a fraction of the transparency associated with the ETFs that CSE was trading.

    She blew-up and attempted to recover via a suitability argument. When that didn't work she claimed that the orders were internalized.
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    I reported f... word of the bankster's puppet and asked moderators to itake an action.
    As for the facts, I have nothing to add, 5 years for UBS and 9 years for Credit Suisse, both in the Bahamas, we have not seen any exchange number, clearing, all what is required by regulations.
    Dear Van_der_Voort_4,
    Thank and I will bring both your posts to the original thread and reply there, where I believe it is more proper.
    Here I can only say
    - your statement about local lawyers is true. Still, we have one who is with us for the past three years.
    - no UBS, no CS have sent our orders to the exchanges. Otherwise, why would they refuse to send us reference numbers from the exchanges and clearing house? despite what scandalous poster is trying to say, who apparently is having a strong connection with UBS' gang, once he possessing certain details which only the people who visited my home after eviction can have, so dip[ite of all this lie we did not a loss.
    And here is interesting detail - just look from the Finra Broker check report, how interesting experience the head of UBS Bahamas, Kevin L. Price had from 1994 till 1998. And at that time he was employed by UBS USA, interesting, this maybe can change Finra's position which dealing only with USA entities.
    And excuse my English 5 years ago for UBS and 9 years ago for Credit Suisse - we still not have any data from exchanges etc, only internal trading advises sheets.
    We don't lose, the question if ever our trades were sent to exchanges?
    Apparently never.
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  3. Is this the same lawyer who wrote down the wrong hearing date you were supposed to attend to contest the foreclosure and then showed up with no defence prepared? Who also ignored Bahamian Civ Pro and filed an appeal in Court of Appeals without first asking for leave from the Supreme Court?

    Good lawyer....
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    inb4 presidential pardon followed by a job in the government
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    I think the fundamental error for me was to put real number of our performance (and only with Credit Suisse!, glad I skipped the rest) and not considering the envy and consequent anger it may cause to some mediocre ignorants as the duo show to be
    Well, they are not alone and are representing a certain part of society.
    The interesting thing - for the third time D. is exposing certain details which are available only to UBS' lawyers. This confirmed my earlier assumption - he is bankster's troll.
    No, I am not an easy target once it comes to the courtroom and presenting real facts and law in support.
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  6. I think you're wrong,not the first time and not the last time.
    Also, i am not interested in continuing this conversation so leave it where it is
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    I can be wrong as every human, but not in this and will leave it with big pleasure, but for the suck of true here is a short list:
    1. "house was with cats feces" - it was not, was clean and suitable even to host our high ranked neighbors. So the feces can be only after eviction (during the violent attack some cats may were hide inside) and this fact can be known only to one who came in after eviction
    2. "house has a fire" - true, one room was destroyed and closed. But where from does he get this information?
    3. "house had water damages" - lie or in the alternative, someone opened water after our eviction. Again how he obtained info?
    4. "we had money from engineering business" - where does this info come from?
    5. mattresses on the floor - yes aka Japanese tatami.
    Five details, not one - so now we can close but with right way, the troll is exposed.
    And the rest, it just words with which UBS' attorneys persuaded the court in 2015, lies and hiding documents. For this reason, they are scared to go on trial and tried to squeeze us, even hiring trolls here.
    No, we don't lose money, we had on our account twice the amount of interests and four years before the contract expiration when we would repay the principal.
    It is just his poor assumption, demonstration of lack of intellect and his own failures which he is hoping the whole world is a loser as he is.
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  8. In all honesty do you have an appeal pending or are you just pursuing the route to complain on ET because December 2017 was the last court filing which only said you can go to Court of Appeals.
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    There is no appeal pending. Nothing.
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