Former Lehman Executive Officer Tells All on Youtube

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by jackstone54, Apr 8, 2008.

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  2. Old news. Do not kid yourself. The "Players" Know about all this.

    The only people that will be left holding LEH bag are the SHEEOPLE and TAX payers in the "TOP TAX" level.

    We will pay the Taxes that will bail out the banks, just like in the 80s when the S&L went under and the US GOVIDIOTS used Tax Payers money to bail them out.

    The recession is in play as we speak. Oil will touch 130 if not higher by summers end, Gas will be at 4 on a national average,

    Johnny and Sally 9 to 5 will not have any "Disposable" income and the Fall of the Middle Class into proverty will be on its way.

    Just hope that you are not a "Pink Slip" target, or that you are in an Industry that Caps your earnings, IE salary only.
  3. yaaawn how cares

    no recession

    no bear market

    the so called 'credit crunch' is imaginary
  4. I am begging every other poster here, please do not respond to anything day77 or the other village idiot (stucktrader) has to post.....they thrive on attention, ignore them like a bug.....they will go away
  5. EMRGLOBAL - totally 100% on the mark mate. Nice to know some are awake ;)
  6. man


    seems like the fed sees that different ...
  7. Mvic


    I knew it was bad but had no idea that they were that irresponsible. When he was rolling off the loan criteria I kept thinking that the rates must have been sky high for those loans but apparently not, apparently they were very low. Makes a joke out of all the Fed programs to date. More pain to come.

    Thanks for posting Jackstone, everyone needs to see this.
  8. They should play that on 60 Minutes so that Grandma and Grandpa get pissed and get AARP and the Grey Panthers in an uproar and scare the bejeezus out of their congressman/senators.