Former LAPD cop on a murder rampage

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    You couldn't make a movie like this. He posted an on line manifesto naming the people he's going to kill, and so far he's making good on his threats.

    This morning a KNX radio reporter said he saw two different pick up trucks that are similar to the description of the one this guy is running around in. He couldn't get close, but he said both were surrounded by cops. He said he thinks one of them may be a newspaper delivery woman, and she may have been shot at by police. He said they wouldn't let him in or answer any questions, but if that's true, the cops are shooting now and asking questions later.
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    I put this in the P&R section because of the possible racial implications, his picture is in the article above.
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    All southern California donut shops are on lockdown status at this time.
  5. That reminds me, I gotta polish my bowling ball.:cool:
  6. He's 6 ft., 270lbs. Just look for him at the nearest rib shack. Brutha that big got's to eat.
  7. How much for 1 rib?

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  10. The next time some anti gun crybaby whines "why do you need an assault rifle with a 30 round mag?", show them this guy's picture.
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