Former investment banker loses everything and sleeps homeless in park

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    Kevin Browne is an investment banker. He moved to America and ran his own firm until the crash in 2008. His company went bust and his marriage fell apart.

    He eventually lost his home and returned to England on a flight paid for by a charity. BBC Panorama met him last summer while he was sleeping rough in a park in Croydon.

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  2. There is a documentary about this on tonight in the UK. It is about Britains housing crisis. He is just one of the people on it. I will watch it. But I already know what is happening.
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    if a lot of young bankers and traders can take some lessons from this guy's foolishness, they will listen to their grandmother's wisdom and save for a rainy day and not leverage to the hilt. That will help many fellas in future to avoid such a situation.
  4. feel bad for him when he looks wistfully at that convertible....Make a fortune, lost a fortune.
  5. With 8.9 trillion of external debt in the UK we will all be like that soon.
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    If he has the fortitude and character, he will make a lot of what he lost back. If he just got lucky in the first place in the bull market, well then law of averages will hold - one can say that nature is taking its revenge. People have to pay for their excesses.

    Frankly, looking at his body language, the guy looks pretty worn and torn. Maybe divorce and losing the wealth had this effect on him. In trading terminology we can say, when he says he was hoping market will turn back but in his heart couldn't see it - he didn't cut his loss and continued with his position till his broker liquidated him :D
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    Why? The depths and heights matter. The former make the latter. Envy him.
  8. What a FAT LOSER! He deserves what he got!
  9. look at that guy right in the eyes--- something aint right.

  10. How can you look him in the eyes if you can't tell witch way he is looking.

    I can't remember where I heard this quote but is goes something like "A fool and his money should have never gotten together in the first place".

    This idiot is that fool!
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