Former GOP Sen. Chuck Hagel likely to be nominated as Secretary of Defense

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  1. Hagel is a decent straight shooting guy.

  2. +1
  3. Agree, let's see how it plays out.
  4. He's another piece of shit shifting from one feeding trough to the other and now back again. Just the good old boyz club taking care of each other. Business as usual. These fucks never go away.

    "Former Nebraska Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, on the shortlist for secretary of defense in the second Obama administration, sits on the board of a bank that is under investigation for allegedly violating United States sanctions on Iran."

    It is believed that Deutsche Bank “funneled billions of dollars through their American branches for Iran, Sudan, and other sanctioned nations, according to law enforcement officials with knowledge of the cases,” the New York Times reported earlier this year.

    Hagel joined Deutsche Bank’s Americas Advisory Board (AAB) in 2009, soon after leaving the Senate, where he served for 12 years.