Former Goldman Sachs managing director to lead ECB

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Debaser82, May 6, 2011.

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    i think obama didn't work for goldman... but maybe he ran their nigeria office.

    i don't think there is another firm that has more powerful people in politics. it's incredible. mckinsey perhaps.
  2. So you don't care whether Draghi is actually any good, right? The only thing that matters is whether ha has worked for Goldies in the past or not, right?
  3. No not at all.

    From what I know, actually Italy has steered trough this crisis remarkably well compared to many of it's peers (and luckely so given their debtloads already I would think) and I'm sure he deserves credit for their trackrecord these past years.

    Regardless I must say the concentration of GS employees in higher functions elsewhere is quite remarkable and concern towards it should not be sweeped under the rug immediatly as disgruntled tin foil hat hatred I would think.
  4. For sure... I just think that we have to make sure to put the emphasis where it properly belongs.
  5. That is power if I ever saw it.

    I can't think of another firm that has that much influence on the world's financial scene.
  6. Draghi = old school .

    BUT: Angela Merkel does not like him and her entourage either. She is actively trying to dimiss him.
  7. Problem is that, with Weber refusing to play like a petulant child, Auntie Angela doesn't have a suitable alternative.
  8. There must be thousand available people as qualified as Draghi for the position.

    If you think that GS alumni hold so many key positions in government and finance because they're talented you're wilfully blind.