Former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan Sees Bubbles in Stocks and Bonds

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    The fucker suddenly developed a keen eye for the markets? He couldn't see a tech bubble or a housing bubble if his life was depended on it and now he is an expert.

    I mean he is right but we needed his eyesight when he was, you know, in a position to effect overheating markets.
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    He interprets charts like every other human being on this planet. He's a ghoul.

    "Woowoo look at me, I am Alan Greenspan. I looked at charts but did not trade. I just told everyone else in the universe how to trade but did not have my own balls in the vice, so told y'all whatever the hell I wanted and I still made millions. haha."

    Goober he is, just like Janet Yellen. I'd like to say good riddance to bad trash, but the next guy coming in will be just as bad.

    Scumbags! The only thing that matters for the next week is the Super Bowl. *sniffs*
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    OK, maybe I was too harsh on him, after all he did say "irrational exuberrance" sometime in 96 or 98 and the market tanked on it so badly that after that he probably said to himself: "These idiots can't handle the truth, so I will just keep it to myself."

    And he did acknowledge that he missed the housing market bubble completely.

    But still, I would take Volker any day over anybody...
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  4. The S&P was actually lower when he said that than it was after the post tech-bubble lows. Sounds like a good time to buy...the masses are fearful again like it's October and the SPX is outrageously high at 2400.

    The crazy has begun, but there's a lot more crazy where that came from.
  5. Inflation has been negative the last three months. Fed shouldn't touch interest rates. They should let the market go sideways for a while or correct itself instead of deliberately instigating a crash.
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    Irrational exuberance
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    Mambo, I mean post #4.
  8. I'll go ahead and make a clear prediction in this thread for posterity:

    This will be the biggest bull market ever in American history (by percentage, measured by ultimate top before a 30% drop, with that top's percentage growth based on 2009 lows), and it will be longer in duration than any bull market previously.

    We are at the beginning of this...
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    you think the market cares if the Fed raises interest by 25 basis pts? you are spending too much time listening to the talking heads(financial news reporters).
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