Former Enron CEO goes nuts...or does he?

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  1. (Is Skilling going crazy, or is he working on an insanity defense?)

    Enron Ex-CEO Skilling Taken to Hospital
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    By DONNA DE LA CRUZ, Associated Press Writer

    NEW YORK - Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling was taken to a hospital early Friday after several people called police saying he was pulling on their clothes and accusing them of being FBI (news - web sites) agents, a police source told The Associated Press.

    Police found Skilling at 4 a.m. at the corner of Park Avenue and East 73rd Street and determined he might be an "emotionally disturbed person," said the source, speaking to the AP on condition of anonymity.

    Police did not charge Skilling with a crime. They took him to New York Presbyterian Hospital for observation. Hospital officials did not immediately return calls for comment.

    Messages left for Skilling's lawyers, Bruce Hiler and Dan Petrocelli, were not immediately returned.

    Skilling was at two bars in Manhattan — American Trash and The Voodoo Lounge — where he allegedly ran up to patrons and pulled open their clothes, the source said.

    "He was shouting at them 'You're an FBI agent and you're following me,'" the source said.

    Skilling allegedly did the same thing to people on the street, the source added. He was with his wife at the time.

    Skilling was described as being intoxicated and highly uncooperative when he was approached by police, the source said.

    Skilling has been charged with fraud, insider trading and other crimes in the energy trader's colossal collapse.

    Skilling is accused of participating in widespread schemes to mislead government regulators and investors about the company's earnings. He has pleaded innocent to all 35 federal counts against him, and posted his $5 million bond with a cashier's check.