Former Economic Hit Man John Perkins Reveals Why the World Financial Markets Imploded

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  1. Indeed. Look forward to reading his new work.

    Thanks for sharing.
  2. ElCubano


    Coup d'etat is this guy still alive?
  3. He has the change of heart. I will try to read this when I find time.
    Thank-you for that link Debaser82.
  4. I have and read his book, interesting book, but very repetitive in writing. Finished it in one afternoon.

    Anyway, from many interviews around internet(youtube), he admitted he was paid by people to delay publishing it, and of course getting consents before publishing it. I wouldn't be surprised to know he is still working for some kind government agency either intentionally or not.
  5. Isn't this the guy from the zeitgeist movies?
  6. I dare not to make any comments. This is the kind of stuff we can not talk about. :eek:
  7. thanks for the link. i emailed it to a friend. can i ask debaser your occupation. on one of your posts you said your newspaper are you a journalist or do you own one.
  8. Yeah.
    What capitalism has to worry about are the capitalists that become big enough to prey on other capatalists and everyone else.
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