former CNBC Ron Insana and SEC

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  1. since Ron Insana has every friggin credential in the book and opened a hedge fund that blew up quicker than maria bartiromo can give a bj on a jet owned by a citi group exec,perhaps the sec should raise the pattern day trade limit on hedge funds to 5 billion dollars.
    just goes to show,when it comes to trading/investing;books and degree's mean shit.
  2. Can you elaborate on the 'blow job' please?
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    When's the next scheduled flight?
  4. Link to photos would suffice.
  5. there was a report (fact) that maria was going on a citi exec's jet or something. it was a conflict of interest as a journalist and of sourse cnbc swept it under the rug.
  6. yeah,i remember that one as well. bloomberg is so much more professional and informative.i love bloomberg radio.
  7. where is proof Insana blew up? Yes, I like Bloolberg too. I used to like Matt Nesto who I thought was good with charts and MSNBC stole him.
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    MSNBC has, ah..., other objectives for a few months.
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