Former CEO of Ebay!! to be CEO of HPQ!!!

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  1. Seriously.

    What does Online auctions of beanie babies and used stuff have anything to do with running a company like HPQ?
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    a direct line to Ebay to sell crappy printers and overpriced ink
  3. 2nd chick ceo. coincidence???? or is the board on some sort of social justice kick?? Girl Power!
  4. The country has turned into one large crony network.
  5. Nothing. The stock was tanking, the firm was inneffective in conveying value to its shareholders with the decisions it made on various acquisitions, and the board probably felt it necessary to kick him out.

    Not sure if Meg can turn it around, but the early investors in Ebay made out like bandits.
  6. A moron could've made Ebay what it is today. Just look at how much she spent running for governor. Something like $150 million of her own money...the most ever spent. And almost always, the candidate that gets elected is the one that spent the most, but not her. How do you spend $150 million and NOT get elected? Not get elected against a guy that only raised $40 million or about 25% of what you raised?
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    HP is running out of ideas, I would not be surprised to see HPQ stock trading in the single digits in the next 2 years!

    Did anyone see the tablet and phone they put into the market place to compete with the likes of apple? Even Webos is worthless now, they had something there that might have been something, but now pretty much useless.
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    This will end badly.
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    This is very typical of the business leaders in the US today, and I have seen this with my own eyes in the MBA program. These folks get retarded degrees in undergrads from 2nd tier schools, like marketing or something or history or psychology and then they get a job through some connections or even with their own effort. Then suddenly some ivy league accepts them in their MBA and they ride the wave to success without ever producing anything of value. Next thing you know they are rolling in millions and billions and writing books. Pathetic really.

    Hey if Obammer with community organizing experience can hold the biggest office in the world, then this person can surely lead the last of the great electrical engineering firm in the US. She is after all a brand manager.

    Ebay was built with the hard work of millions of good business minded Americans and not some brand manager.
  10. My favorite part when she ran for governor was how she said "I'm paying for this with my own money"

    I laughed and said "No she's not! She gave herself a $120 million dollar serverence package when she left ebay. She ran for governor with money that she took from ebay shareholders!"

    I think alot of people saw that too and knew if she screwed ebay shareholders out of $120 million dollars, how much would she take from CA?
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