Former Bush National Security Council advisor warns against Iran attack

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  1. something to think about. no matter which republican wins the nomination he will be campaining to attack iran. do we want to be manipulated into another war?

    National Security Council advisor and Iraq hawk Stephen Hadley counsels diplomacy, not war
    Another voice against war in Iran is heard and from perhaps an unexpected source. Former Bush administration National Security Advisor Stephen J. Hadley warned against an attack on the Islamic Republic yesterday. “If something needs to be done, it is not military action,” said Hadley. “There’s a wide spectrum between sheer diplomacy and military action.”

    Hadley was an early and enthusiastic functionary in the war against Iraq. During the George H. W. Bush administration, he was a Pentagon aide to uber-hawk Paul Wolfowitz, and later served as a senior foreign policy advisor to George W. Bush’s presidential campaign. Hadley was instrumental in allowing the “Yellowcake Forgery” fabrication into Bush’s 2003 State of the Union address, a mistake for which he reportedly offered to resign. Taking over as national security advisor in 2005 from Condoleezza Rice, he was known for being on the relatively moderate spectrum of the Bush administration (well, at least when compared to Cheney and Rumsfeld). Upon leaving office, he formed a consulting shop with Rice, and he recently co-wrote a piece calling for negotiations with the Taliban.
  2. I hope we have some balance in the thinking concerning Iran. All this war talk is just plain more of the same from Iraq et al. Has to be some level headed people somewhere.

  3. Levelheadedness seems to disappear in the wake of high profit potential.
  4. So we are supposed to believe a guy now who was, at least according to liberals, as dead wrong as a person could be about the most important foreign policy decision of the last 20 odd years?

    At the least, I would want to know who his consulting clients are and what their stake is.

    I'm not in favor of war with Iran, but come on. This is like putting up Karl Rove as an expert on running a presidency. Failure has consequences, not least that you lose credibilty.
  5. Iran is a threat to humanity. It has already threatened to destroy Israel.

    We need to stop Iran before it is too late. We should reserve the moral right to nuke Iran, except the oil areas which we should use conventional weaponry on. We should take ownership of Iranian oil after the war, as a reward for killing off the Iranian terrorists.

    The Iranian terrorists can hide in their caves or under the sand of their desert, but we will smoke em out and given em justice.

    Folk like Iran and Osama hate freedom and hate our way of life, so seek to terrorize us. We must get em before they get us.

    God bless USA and our closest ally Israel.

    The days of a functional Iran are numbered. We are about to send em back to the Stone Age :D

    All Iranians hate us and hate Israel so all Iranians are terrorists. So there will be ZERO collateral damage if we nuke Iran. We need to nuke them before they nuke us. They are developing nukes to destroy the world with.

    Iranians celebrated during 911. We need to punish them for their Islamocelebrations of Terror.
  6. How about nuking both and taking care of two birds with one shot?
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    How about we give the latest set of sanctions time to work?

    This whole effort to get SWIFT to stop servicing Iranian bank transactions finally got started this week. Within a year or so the Iranian government is going to be broke and the people are going to be seriously fed up with the situation.

    Another thing we can do is to make a serious distinction between nuclear power programs and nuclear weapons programs. The two are separated by the act of enrichment of fuel to weapons grade, a process that can be easily detected, even from satellites in orbit.

    A lot of this talk of attacking Iran may be a State Department initiative to create psychological pressure on the Iranian leadership. I've convinced myself lately that Israel cannot successfully attack Iran on its own and that the US does not have real intention to attack Iran either alone or alongside the Israelis.

    Let the sanctions work.
  8. Yes . . . and write personal letters to AmericanHero/TheHitman and to Mitt, Rick and Newt advising them as such. :( .
    oh. . . and to Yahu.
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    Weird cryptic post. Don't even bother to explain.
  10. We're back on the same page on this one. This Iran attack song is getting pretty high pitched these days. I just don't see it, don't understand it, especially after over 10 years , triple deployments, saber rattling, when combined, just a bad idea - left or right.

    edit: and add that Phoenix guy to the list with hitman and crew, IMO. Not sure about his stability.

    His last post: don't be surprised if I send few few rounds aimed at your head. What do you think?

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