Former BP employee on different website tells insider story of safety & includes pic!

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    Last year I worked in rural India for BP on a natural gas project.

    They proceeded drilling, while knowing they had a broken BOP (blowout preventer).

    Nothing bad happened on our project, but a year later the Gulf spill was due to BP proceeding with a broken BOP.

    You guys have NO idea how much waste and corner-cutting occurs in the Oil and Gas industry.

    edit: In case anyone thinks I'm trolling, here is a picture of me wearing full oilfield FR coveralls with some rice paddies and Indians visible..... (and riding a bicycle I borrowed from a kid, its a long story)
  2. Come to think of it, in the Gulf Blowout, a high level BP employee was observed calling headquarters after the evacuation, saying "Are you happy now?!?!?"

    Bet it's the same thing. Pressure at the drill site to reduce costs for BP!
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    Funny, that doesn't look like you! :D
  4. But in the end it does not reduce cost. The problem is they were penny wise pound foolish.