Former Assent Trader - Deals

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by PropAssent1, May 2, 2010.

  1. What are the current deals out there for firms trying to recruit former Assent traders.

    I have been quoted rates from $1/1000 to $3/1000.

    Some firms might not be too reputable though.
  2. subban


    I heard a lot of you guys went to WTS. Is Assent officially bankrupt?
  3. bankrupt? hardly. Sungard is just shutting down the operation. They are even refunding the initial lock-up capital. much better than getting yourself out of shitty firm, where they start charging years of bu11shit fees when you try to leave.

    as far as WTS, haven't heard anyone going there.
  4. Bobarino


    Only a handful of guys went to WTS, thats where the old Andover owners parked their business.... for now
  5. i worked with the old owners of Assent when it was Andover for 6 years. Just wanted to tell you that we didnt go to WTS which is quite frankly a ponzi scheme
  6. so where did most people go?
  7. we are with Title and quite happy