Former 49ers star Trent Dilfer lists $7M Spanish mansion in Saratoga

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    I am guessing it will...
  3. Thanks for the RE listings.
    RE has always been a passion of mine.
    Even though I'm on the opposite coast it's great to see trophy properties from around the SF area.
    Keep them coming DM
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    Agreed. I'll oblige.
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  5. What a pretty, classy, whimsical house and grounds. Very impressive.
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    Nice house..

    That home is 'Sale Pending' already. I live not too far away.. The Saratoga market is in a frenzy now. Most homes under $2.5M sell within 1-2 weeks, as they're considered starter homes in this city.

    Speaking of football -- Trent Baalke (49ers former general manager) listed his home which is 20 miles away:
  7. I liked the Spanish-style mansion a lot better. There's nothing wrong with this house, the other was just more romantic.
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    It seems other than Jed, 49ers players and front office live in SJ. I much rather live in Saratoga or Los Gatos than SJ.