Format or uninstall?

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by LJT, Apr 24, 2007.

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    Just got new computers and wanted to get rid of all the junk that comes with it. Would you guys recomend

    A. just uninstalling everything


    B. actually formatting the entire drive and installing xp pro again?

    If A. are there any drawbacks in terms of performance over option B.? If B. then what program or function would be used? Thanks.

  2. Format and reinstall XP.

    Just make sure you've got the product key and any drivers you may need to hand.

    Insert XP CD, reboot, follow easy on screen options, select format and install, etc.

    Easy peasy Japanesey.

    Defrag regularly, too, if you want it to stay running nice for longer. :)
  3. Format and it get it set up how you want now. Much easier as you have all the discs, support, etc.

    Just deleting the program will not remove all of it from your computer. There's always traces of it around somewhere. Mind as well start from scratch in my opinion.
  4. I agree and use this for real-time defragging -
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  6. If you Format you need 'boot disks' since you empty the hd of ALL
    software — you can't start the computer or install an OS

    before formatting, first, create XP boot disks:
  7. Format wins every time.

    But get a ghosting progam and make a clone of the new image once you've finished. That way you can replace it in 20 minutes if you get a virus or some form of corruption.