Form of hell on earth... need some mathematicians.

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  1. carbon into a diamond
    45,000,000 million years

    half life of carbon is 5730

    so... how does that work out on time in human life vs. hell on earth?
  2. That's 7853 half lives.
  3. Is it mass? Perhaps.

    7853 chances?

  4. Realize this is all an approximation because half-lives roughly correspond to an exponential curve.

    Now. How to translate years in human life to years of carbon being forced through a crystalline lattice leaving only a clear diamond?
  5. One problem of course is emotion. I call that plasmaential.
  6. So... assuming you are the worst piece of shit on earth... what is the ratio of current living conditions fucking people over vs. life in hell?
  7. Let's assume an a life span of 100 years.
  8. That would be 45,000,000 / 100 = 450,000 years of hell per year of hatred.
  9. 450,000 years of hell / 365 days = 1233 years per day.

    So... for every day you screw somebody over = 1,233 years of hell into a diamond.
  10. So... the average rape time of a female is about 30 minutes. Therefore, for each rape = 25 years of hell.

    Hope your orgasms provide some memories.
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