form CFTC-40

Discussion in 'Trading' started by polee2000, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. i got this form in mail, what is it ? is my amateur status going to get revoked ?
  2. What seems to be so difficult to understand about this form?

    On Page #2, it states that:

    "Every person who holds or controls a reportable position must file a CFTC Form 40, Statement of Reporting Trader."

    Obviously, it depends on whether or not you are trading commodity or financial futures positions that are deemed to be at reportable limits, or if you have a financial interest of ten percent or more in futures or options accounts of the reporting trader.

    This CFTC Form is pretty self-explanatory.
  3. i dont think 500 lots of ES is a reportabe position
    but i guess i have to do it since uncle sam asks for it
    but this is nothing serious right as long as i file it i can still trade away with my bots