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Discussion in 'Trading' started by bronks, May 9, 2002.

  1. bronks


    I understand that it represents intention to sell. But what I don't is the transaction date of such agreement. Example:

    Form 144: Filing to Sell 100,000 Shares of xxx

    Document Processing Date: May 08, 2002 <---------------
    Filer: xxx

    Stock Name: xxx

    Stock Symbol: xxx
    Exchange: NASDAQ

    Transaction date: May 06, 2002 <-------------------- ????
    Shares for sale: 100,000
    Value held: 10,000,000

    Does this mean the shares were already sold on May 06? My understanding was that shares couldn't be sold until after the filing (processing) date. Please pardon my ignorance.
  2. bronks


    Anybody?? :(
  3. bronks


    One last try. I know SOMEBODY out there has the answer. My persistence may be irritating, but it's all I have.
  4. Nordic


    Maybe your confusing Form 4 with Form 144????

    The Form 144 is filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to
    reflect the intention of any holder of restricted stock to sell those
    shares. After the 144 is mailed to the S.E.C., the filer is permitted
    to sell the shares, or any fraction of them, within 90 days.

    The Form 4 is filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission by any
    insider buying or selling their company's shares. This form must be
    filed by the 10th of the month following the month in which the
    transaction was executed.
  5. bronks


    Nordic-- Thanks for responding. As it shows in my first post, it is a 144, my question is in the transaction date. We have a processing date of May 08 and a transaction date of May 06, the word transaction leading me to believe that shares were sold. Therein lies question. Just a simple play of words which are confusing the heck out of me.