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  1. So here I am. Stuck at a fork in the road. I have some capital, not much.

    Lets say along the lines of 15k

    I made it all through a combination of day trading with a very low payout, and trading options on my personal account (to which I attribute a lot of luck because I got in right before the volatility spiked up).

    I have a degree in Finance with a decent GPA from a decent school and a market passion that could be seconded by none.

    I have excellent experience and track record to prove in short term equities, I have been successful in options trading, I have exposure to FX and futures markets.

    What to do now?
    1. Should I find a good prop shop and stick to trading US equity on no salary but with good commissions?

    2. Should I try to jump into a world of one of these other securities?

    3. Should I continue trading options on my own account, I really consider it pure speculation...?

    4. Should I try to find a hedge fund who will take me?

    I hate to bother the forum with this, but I am really stuck as to what to do at this point, and would love some direction.

    One thing I do know is that I LOVE trading and moving to a different profession is not an option. I will be a trader.
  2. I highly suggest trading e-mini contracts.

    Trade small size, 1 contract/1 mini lot FX...

    It seems extremely trivial, but if you have a good system, perfect it with tiny size in futures and FX.

    Later on, after you rack up some profit, then leverage more. You need to build confidence while not losing a lot of money.

    Go for it. It's up to you in the end.
    But you need an edge against the hordes of noobs in FX (which aint THAT hard lol :D )

    There's some big fish too, so watch out for them. Such as banks, hedge funds, large individual traders, and in FX you will be up against the "dealing desk" most of the time. :eek:
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    hi - your assets are your youth (i assume you're just out of college even though this is not immediately obvious from your post) and your passion. your liabilities are your lack of experience and your under-capitalization.

    invest in your development as a trader or find somebody who will e.g. employer

    i'd recommend both courses of action with finding an employer a priority.

    good luck.