Fork over the cash fatties

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  1. "Avoid the $600 annual surcharge," CVS warns its employees who use the company's health insurance plan. They've been told they are required by May 1 to show up to a doctor for an annual WebMD (WBMD) Wellness Review and submit to tests for blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and body mass and body weight."

    -------------------- healthy smokers get a pass?

    Fat non smokers cough up $50 a month.

    I always wondered the risks of second hand fat. Reducing second hand fat saves lives.

    "Going forward, you'll be expected not just to know your numbers -- but also to take action to manage them,". It's 3 chins and your out!" the CVS policy states.
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    No marshmellow peeps for you.
  3. Totally agree w/CVS.

    Why am I paying the same rate for health coverage as some guy who eats crap, doesn't exercise and is significantly overweight when I am very fit and take good care of myself? I'm basically subsidizing his health care costs. There is something wrong with this model and I wish more companies and insurers take the lead here. If you choose to not take care of your health, your premiums should reflect that decision. Pretty simple IMO.
  4. I thought with Obamacare, excuse me ACA "affordable care act" was going to be more affordable for everyone.

    Ta da... $600 surcharge.
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    Same thing at the wife's employer. Either do the physical, or pay 155 more this year. We did it and have last years rates. I don't like it, but I did it.
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    What is the plan for hypochondriacs? One of the guys where I work has doctor appointments nearly every week. He (allegedly) has high BP, diabetes, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and a whole host of other crap. He was asking to be let off work early so that he could attend classes on managing his diabetes. he still eats cookies by the handful. He's a different kind of fatass, in fact he has no ass but he looks like he's carrying a bowling ball around in his gut. It's these assholes that are driving medical insurance rates out of control.
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    Welcome to the ObamaCare death panels. (Coming to a health care plan near you.)
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    Tsing Tao

    We've had the same thing each year, except they call it an incentive. We get an incentive if we complete the blood test and physical, and if we improve on our vitals over prior year (if any of the vitals are outside the ranges deemed acceptable).
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    LOL My doctor thinks I should have been dead 10 years ago.

    When one number was consistently bad I asked him how long can it stay there before that organ goes out? He said maybe 10 or 15 years but hopefully they will all fail at the same time.

    I was like, Yeah, I guess so. Then we had a good laugh. :confused:
  10. If corporations are so worried about the health of their employees, they can improve working conditions, give more paid time off, cut overtime and hire more people...oh wait, they really don't care about your health, just the cost of insurance. FUCK YOU BOARDROOM COCKSUKERS! You don't own me, you just employ me. It's and exchange of their money for my time and skills. Nothing more.

    I will rebel against this by having pizza for lunch and drive to get it exceeding the speed limit while not wearing a seatbelt. I live on the edge these days.:eek:
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