Fork in the Road

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Where to go from here?

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  1. Find a good prop shop that will take me?

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  2. Continue trading options on my own?

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  3. Switch securities and find another firm in a different field altogether?

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  4. Try to find a hedge fund that will take me

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  1. So here I am. Stuck at a fork in the road. I have some capital, not much.

    Lets say along the lines of 15k

    I made it all through a combination of day trading with a very low payout, and trading options on my personal account (to which I attribute a lot of luck because I got in right before the volatility spiked up).

    I have a degree in Finance with a decent GPA from a decent school and a market passion that could be seconded by none.

    I have excellent experience and track record to prove in short term equities, I have been successful in options trading, I have exposure to FX and futures markets.

    What to do now?
    1. Should I find a good prop shop and stick to trading US equity on no salary but with good commissions?

    2. Should I try to jump into a world of one of these other securities?

    3. Should I continue trading options on my own account, I really consider it pure speculation...?

    4. Should I try to find a hedge fund who will take me?

    I hate to bother the forum with this, but I am really stuck as to what to do at this point, and would love some direction.

    One thing I do know is that I LOVE trading and moving to a different profession is not an option. I will be a trader.
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    Number 4 is probably nor a real option in this environment. Number 3 I don't like either. I'd go with #1.