Fork In The Road

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  1. Ok guys help me out here

    Im going to be a senior in high school next year and that means that this summer I will already be applying for admission into college. But I am in kind of a rut. One side of me wants to attend college in Minneapolis or somewhere very close to Minneapolis while the other wants to attend college in Chicago.

    I am planning on working as a clerk in the Spring Wheat pit at the MGEX this summer to get some extra experience and knowledge from some of the top traders there. I figure this would be an excellent way to get my foot in the door and try to work my way up the ladder. My family owns seats on the MGEX so eventually becoming a local in the pit and then moving to the screen when/if it becomes all electronic is kind of the goal with this plan. If I chose this path I would certainly have to attend college in Minneapolis and would be working down in the pit during the day and then taking afternoon/evening classes at college. The problem is there really isn't very many colleges to choose from in Minneapolis other than U of M. Also the night life doesn't really sound all that great either. Thats an important feature too because the next best thing to trading is partying!!!

    The other option is to go to college in Chicago. I would still be working in the futures industry during the day and taking classes in the afternoon/evening but I wouldn't get much of a chance in the pits and would probably end up at a prop firm or something along those lines. The positives of this path are that there are many good colleges to choose from (im thinking about loyola, depaul and north park). Also the night life is good and there are plenty of opportunities to land a job in the futures business in Chicago. The downside is that I won't have the "ins" in Chicago like I do in Minneapolis and it just seems like it will be harder to get my foot in the door at the CBOT and CME compared to the MGEX.

    I am going to have to make up my mind pretty quick but I thought I would ask for some advice from some et members.

    Thanks Guys

  2. Stick with Minneapolis and the pit. The pit experience is invaluable to a future online trading career. Its the nuts and bolts of trading, and having a firm understanding of the scenes behind the screen will only make you a better trader.
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    I stopped reading after I saw your family owns seats

    I ain't worried about you

    rich kid, I started out eating pigeon poo :D
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  5. Cut the guy some slack. He's good people.

    If you're not gonna help then go somewhere else.
  6. P.S. YT, I don't have any insight to offer into your particular situation, but I do wish you the best of luck in it all.

    However, I can at least advise you to ignore TudorJones, because he is a totally delusional poser.

    Good luck man.
  7. Best of luck with either decision, YT. I feel like I don't have much here to offer you because you have clear, concise goals in mind. Luck favors the prepared mind... and the world can only give you what you want if you know what you want.

    On a personal note, my own experiences and mistakes now lead me to believe you should never make a decision based purely on prestige.. it always boils down to people and the relationships you have with them.
  8. Reaver thanks for the encouragement. Christ I sure get a lot of shit on these boards for no apparent reason either.

    Let me guess, these guys must of been long s&p futures right lol?

    Either way I would really like some advice on what to do guys.

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    Go MGEX. Their pit will likely be around for years longer than the Chicago pits, now that they've merged with CME.
  10. Arrrrgh! That be mighty fine advice matey! The days of the trading pit will soon be past like me old days of wooden ships and sail. The new days of electronic trading be coming. So about the MGEX lasting longer, I agreeeeee...
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