Forget Trading... I got a new job!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by EqtTrdr, May 17, 2006.

  1. You have got to be kidding me.
  2. Just got mine in the mail yesterday... I'm not sure I did it right though.
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    what the heck is this???? lol ....and i was thinking to pay a
  4. LOL!!
  5. If you go to his link the Doctor holding the unit is wearing eye glasses!! lol:confused:

  6. EqtTrder, is it real? Or a joke website? Does it work for astigmatism? If it's only 100.00 bucks. I might give it a try. The thing that worries me is that it isn't approved by the FDA. You a doctor? Anybody on this forum get this yet and does it work?
  7. Could you all type a little b igger... i cantttt seeeee a thiinnngg?'
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    goodfellow are you crazy????
  9. Lasic is awesome and absolutely works for astigmatism..I've had it done. However you can get what you pay for at a Lasic "mill" Even though its more its worth going to a Dr that really knows what they are doing and paying more.
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