Forget the word Billion, Trillion is the word of 2009 and on

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    Did anyone notice how billions in debts and billions in payments is no longer the it word. I hear trillions missing and trillions in debt all the time

    Trillions is the wave of the future :D
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    and I don't even have a million :(
  3. that's obvious. Keep hangin here and u never will too.
  4. Don't get too used to trillions as it will be quadrillions before we finish going down this road.
  5. the chances of gaining over 5M$ without pulling off a legal scam are less than the chances of winning the lottery

    when I came to america, my first job was paying 12$/hr after, working for a few months like that, I said f*ck this, I found a connection, through pure hypocrisy, and he got me into a company starting at 25$/hr, now I get 40-50$/hr at any company, I would have been stuck at that 12$/hr if it weren't for the connections, specially the first one, which led to a chain of similar connections, now I start at a company at 40$/hr after 3 months ask for a raise above 50$/hr, if they don't agree, I just say f*ck your mother and leave

    Land of opportunity my a**, this is the true face of the world; cronyism, nepotism, f*kism. no one is going to give you a job because you are smart or capable

    it's not only america, all countries are f*cked, you only end of supporting the one that supports your interests the most
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    Spot on, Spot on
    all my educated sleazy friends are doing very well
    All my educated honest and fair friends are working for $12/hr
    land of the American dream my a$$
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    This is so wrong and such Bullshit. Typical LOSER mentality.

    The fact is you have slimeballs in all countries that become very rich and you the majority of slimeballs that don't do anything with their lives.

    You also have good, people that become very wealthy and good people that do nothing with their lives.

    I happen to know a lot of good people that have done very well for themselves. Do I know some sleazy guys who have done well??? Sure, but that 's life.
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    you are typical mind grunt
    getting jobs is all about selling yourself, sleazy guys are better at it
    honest people are not as good at selling themselves
  10. you're retarded, they're not good people, they're hypocrites like me

    the thing with americans apart from all the problems they have is that they're stubborn, they resist learning, I was only pointing to the facts, and giving part of my life story as an example, instead of being thankful , you just have to keep that bitchy american attitude and deny the facts, keep denying and maybe one day you will wake up to see your kids in full slavery
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