Forget the stimulus, Banks are set to get 1.5 trillion

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    Whoever stands to these assholes get my vote.
    We've heard the Reps bitch about "Social Engineering," and "spending". If they're truly conservative and let the banks fail, they'll win my vote forever.
    Just watch how the cowards fare when faced with the powerful Jewish banking lobby. the ones that own their asses.

    I'll judge the GOP on their opposition or lack thereof to spending even more money to bail out the banks. Meritocracy & Free Markets, my ass !

    Let's see.

    If they let the Banking bailout pass, I don't want to hear any asshole on this website utter "fiscal conservatism" & The republican party in the same sentence again.
  2. JimYoung


    A lot of broken campaign promises....
  3. Jews own america

    the banks, the army, the universities, everything:mad:

    its time we take our Cuntry back:mad:
  4. JimYoung


    Well not quite...
  5. Man, the Jew bashing gets so old.

    You all do realize that many Jews have gotten obliterated in this financial crisis, do you not?

    Your favorite University (I'm sure), Yeshiva, lost close to 150 million thanks to Madoff, Sheldon Adelson (majority shareholder of LVS) lost 29 billion out of about 30, millions of Jews in the U.S. and all over the world have lost much of their retirement saving and/or investment portfolios, and...well, I could go on and on, but, eh, what's the point.

    Just continue to blame the 'Joos' if it helps you cope.