Forget the body...I want the video footage.

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  1. Some years back the military planned and executed, within 24 hours, the rescue of jessica lynch. They had lots of cameras for that mission and it was just a rescue mission.

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    The military planned for 8 months to attack this compound that they knew bin laden was in, so surely they would have video footage of it. Especially with HD POV camera goggles they have now which only cost $250

    So where is the camera footage? I dont need to see the kill shot, I just need to see the front of that weapon pointing at bin laden and hearing an american saying "dont move,asshole" and seeing Bin ladens "Oh shit" look across his face...then they can cut the rest of the footage.
  2. An article said they were watching it live so there is video,good luck getting it though


  3. Yup , thats right, Al-Jazeera showed clips of Obama and top officials together watching the operation in real time.
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    Great, now you're ok with the short form.
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    LOL, i hope your being sarcastic.....

    Al Jazeera was broadcasting them watching the mission in real time?
  6. OMG:

    "Reacting to the killing of Osama bin Laden, Donald Trump expressed skepticism. "Burying bin Laden at sea seems very fishy to me", said the reality TV host. The real estate heir said he was temporarily dispatching the investigators he had in Hawaii, who told him that the Obama birth certificate was missing, to Pakistan to look for bin Laden's body and certificate of death.

    Trump said that his Hawaiian investigators are also trained deep-water divers. "They have already been in the water, and there is no evidence of bin Laden's body", said Trump. "Nothing personal to the Navy Seals, I get along great with the singer (one of the blacks) and his gorgeous wife Heidi Klum", said Trump, "but my people are telling me not to believe it.

    "All we have seen is the 'certificate of dead death' ", said the Donald. "It's gotta be long-form from the get-go or I, for one, will not believe we got bin Laden".
  7. "As the Americans did not provide any acceptable evidence to back up their claim, and as the other aides close to Osama bin Laden have not confirmed or denied the death ... the Islamic Emirate considers any assertion premature," Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, said.
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    Ummm. You DO know the origianl Jessica Lynch "story" was fake, right?

    Eventually she came out and said her gun "jammed" (which is a military code for she soiled her pants and hid in a corner).

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