Forget nukes. Why doesn't Iran do something to start a bank run in Europe?

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  1. Seems more doable, less likely to incur punishments, and very effective.

    Greece is hanging by a thread. If Iran fired a test missile over Spain into the Atlantic, they'd hit a double and rack up both Greece and Spain. Or sink a European ship in the Straights of Hormuz. Plenty of things.

    This is why you don't perpetually kick the can down the road, or stretch the rubber band too thin. You may get away with it in a vacuum, but you expose yourself to exogenous shocks - some of which can be man made.
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    I hope I won't be accused of not being a patriot but it seems pretty clear to me Iran is just another independent country that won't bow to global world takeover

    There is a world war going on,

    People in the west, Bankers, Politicians, Generals, are fulfilling a plan for world take over.

    Some countries are taken over financially through debt and credit.

    Other countries are bombed to stone age.

    The goal is a 100 year plan of world domination, and poor Iran is next. And they know it.
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    I should point out though Persians are not known for cowardice.

    Italians and French are cowards, but not Persians

    Persians will fight to the last man if need be. During their war with Iraq back when US was a friend with Saddam Hussein giving him weapons and intel.

    Persians lost 8 million men against superior enemy, and not a single mile of their territory was held by Iraq.

    Think about that before you attack them! :cool:

    Iran right now has 80 million people, half of them are under age of 35, ALL of them will become martyrs if they are attacked.

    To defeat them you would have to use nukes to kill a nuke-less country. And then what will the world say. What will China and Russia say to that when radiation starts polluting their lands.

    China is going to dump all the dollar reserves just to burn US.

    Most Americans have no idea what they are playing with here.

    I have no doubt in my mind, attacking Iran will cause unbelievable damage to US
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    And what about Israel??

    Anyone think of them.

    We are looking at complete collapse of Israeli real-estate, currency, markets, and 10s of thousands dead Jews.

    And what if one of the Iranian chemical rockets gets through, 20 000 dead in one day.

    All because few rich white men want to play war. :(
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    Because GERMANY is already doing that job in the best possible way ! :D

    History always repeats itself. At least three times in the last century :(
  6. A bank run in Europe would be terrible for Iran (& OPEC) in general, and it won't happen cause the Euros are going to step in and print money sooner or later it has to happen.

    Iran is hanging by a thread with hyperinflation running amok.

    You may not be aware of this but there is an Iran vs Saudi war going on ... it's in Syria.
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    Your intel is inadequate

    US sells gobs of weapons to Saudi Arabia, and they in turn help Al-Qaeda fight against Syrian government.

    It isn't Iran VS Saudis

    It is Iran VS USA through proxies like the Saudis
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    Yuk! another Iran thread, Yawn!

  9. Exactly.
    The very same, rich white, negative vampires :
    - promote homosexualism and feminism in every possible way
    - block free energy solutions
    - push vaccines, gmos, aspartame and other toxic shit onto population
    - use depleted uranium in warfare

    what western societies do? vote for these people each and every day with their dollars.

  10. Why would you want this to happen? Has life eaten you up so badly you wish the same on other people?
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