Forget mortgage payments, people can't even pay their utility bills anymore

Discussion in 'Economics' started by wilburbear, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. All that means is the people who CAN pay will subsidize the deadbeats via some other "miscellaneous" tax at the bottom of the bill.
  2. Utilities bubble? Short PG&E, Edison, SDG&E, and all other utilities providers!
  3. Rugby


    SDP. Have a look at the action in the Utilities.
  4. Well, I guess something have to be changed. The American life style, one person drives a V8 SUV or pickup truck to commute 1 hour each way to work, a family of 4 live in a 4000 sf house.
  5. It is very possible that these people have turned down the thermostat to 68 degrees and wear a sweater , like the energy dept has been saying for the last 25 years in the "How to save on home heating costs".

    These savings add up. When I first took there advice 25 years ago my heating bill was $30 now it is just a tad under $600 a month.

    I could have saved even more if I had only installed compact flourescent bulbs.