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  1. I've read a thousand and one articles about the best places to travel to and live in and retire to and they all seem to concentrate on being a bargain. But, to my way of thinking, if it's a bargain there's probably a reason. So let me ask a different question since I know there's eters from all over the planet:

    If money is not an object, where is the best place to live on planet earth? My two favorite are Maui and Holland/France so far. But I'd like to get other people's take on it and reason(s) why...
  2. Zurich or bust.
  3. What do you want to do?
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    Ascona/Locarno, Ticino, Italian (southern) part of Switzerland

    Political and economical security, hardly any crime, low taxes, 8°C in Winter and mediterranean climate, lots of fresh air, very nice people, international clubs, German, English and French spoken by many people (besides Italian of course), Film festival Locarno, Jazz in Ascona, lots of high level concerts, 1 hour drive to top skiing places, beautiful lakes within 100 km, Scala opera Milano, Lucerne and Zürich 2 - 3 hours drive (concerts and opera) airport Milano 90 minutes, airport Lugano 30 min, top public transport, etc etc.

    Welcome to real live! Felix
  5. Costa Rica
  6. Thank you - will read about it. I appreciate all the details.
  7. I'm hoping in a few years I can start going for a month - in my job I can telecommute - and then stretch it out little by little. Soon enough I hope to be switch to full time swing trading but, of course, it depends on my returns. So, for now, I want to go for awhile and then eventually stretch it out to where I stay in several spots around the globe for several months. I'd like to know if anywhere can beat Maui or Holland or France...

    And I'm a family guy: got 3 kids and a wife so clubbing ain't my thing...I like history, culture, terraces, hiking... Sheesh! Sounds like a singles bio!
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    If you like US culture and consumerism go to Florida/California

    If you hate being gouged for every penny you earn, TV advertising, US crap culture of sex and violence - then you might as well stay home because it's spread around the world like a virus - only Mars is another option
  9. I was kind of looking for somewhere outside the continental US...
  10. I don't advise people on investments and I don't advise people on what to do with their kids. I don't know their ages/ gender/ etc. how adaptive they would be to another culture or whether you home school them, but if they're not too far from age of majority, you may want to just wait it out.

    Tax laws will play a big part. Make sure you don't get stuck paying double taxes. An international tax attorney may be of good value to you in making the decision.
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