Forget Madeoffs fund, this one returns 416% a year!

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    17.10.08 Genius Funds performing strong amidst market turmoil
    Genius Funds showed outstanding performance during this week's crisis on world equity markets. Fund managers quickly adjusted their strategies to take advantage of the declining markets. As a result, EMGF gained 6.7% for investors and WBMF, with a much larger exposure to the volatile bond market finished gaining 6.4% this week.


    CD's return 6% monthly! Hehe.

    Genius CD account is a fixed interest deposit account. The term of deposit is three months. The interest rate is 6% per month and is payable on maturity. At the end of the deposit term the investment together with accrued interest will be credited to your account and will immediately become available for withdrawal.
    To invest in Genius CD, go to Genius CD option inside your account menu. The procedure is self-explanatory.
    Please note that your investment can not be withdrawn until the end of the three-month investment term. All transactions are final and cannot be reversed once processed. Refer to Genius CD page for further information.
  2. Obvious Ponzi scheme.

    Given address: 6 Karaiskakis Street, 3032 Limassol - Cyprus is a "serviced office" or "virtual office" with anything from a mail drop to a single cubicle available for rent.