Forget Immigrants, we should deport all the liberals

Discussion in 'Politics' started by The Kin2, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Immigrants want to be in this country so much that they're willing to break the law and take big risks for a better life -- Just like true Capitalists. Liberals on the other hand hate America and are always complimenting the socialist health systems of Canada and Cuba. The cheap gas in Venezuela and the green-steps being taken in Europe.

    I saw we deport liberals to Canada, Cuba, Venezuela, and Iran. They are the true threat to America as it stands today.

    We can start with Zzzz and dddoo.
  2. Jews, we were told, were the true threat to Germany.

    History does repeat.
  3. Actually, no.

    The big threat to America today is from

    1. Terrorist nut cases who want to commit mass murder in the name of their God, and the lack of attack since 9/11 shows pretty clearly that it isn't trivially easy to pull something like that off.

    2. American parents who are unable to realize that by gaining 300 pounds eating crap food and sitting on the couch, they are setting a shit example for their children, who are also likely to gain 300 pounds and sit on the couch.

    3. An education system that is unable to prepare kids in primary and secondary school to compete in the adult world. This is a part of the real 'immigration problem'... only it has nothing to do with immigration. Foreign students are coming here and taking advantage of the best brains and technologies available at the universities, and then reaping the rewards. In a related area, employers in America all tell the same story - immigrant workers are willing to do the jobs that 'Americans' are either unwilling or unable to do. People in other countries seem to want in on the American dream... but Americans? Not so much.

    Mind you, it would make America a better country if the Disgusting Troll were ejected, but don't send it up here, for God's sake. With regard to dddooo... that's a weird call. He schools the insane Anti-Semites on here very effectively, but I don't really get the feeling that he's a moonbat lefty.
  4. Not at all. No one should be killed. And the U.S. could pay first-class airfare to the socalist or communist country of the liberals' choice. It will be expensive, but hey it will be a lot cheaper than all the social programs and other bs a liberal president would waste. And why stop at liberals, fucking losers like George Bush, Romney and wannbe teen gangsters can also be deported.

    Cool liberals could even be allowed to stay such as Bill Clinton and James Carville.
  5. Exactly the same things were done to the Jews. They were deported, not killed. Only those who didn't leave were eventually killed. The process takes the time.

    This really confirms the kinship (no pun intended) between conservatism and fascism.
  6. I'm going leave that one alone. It's not even funny, being so close to Memorial Day.
  7. The currency in my brutal socialist regime is about to hit parity with the USD (CAD). Oh god how I am oppressed (with my free health care too). What a backward broken godless country I live in. Too bad we are sitting on a ton of natural resouces.

    someone please liberate me!!!! :p