Forget gold seizures...

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  1. People think that the goverment would never just come in and seize property from its citizens. That this a a democracy and the world is fair and just. This is a foreshadowing of what is to come in the country. Send in the goons and just steal from the people.

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  2. Isn't that seizure of ivory not gold?
  3. I assume you mean off-planet?
  4. That is correct. The fact is the state is resorting to these measures to generate revenue. This is an indirect method for a state to raise capital. My question is why now and what is done with the product after it is confiscasted. I know sold dealers and this will cripple and and bankrupt them. It is only a few pen strokes away from more programs to steal from the citizens.

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  5. This is common practice for those types of materials. If people make money from indangered animals it is profitable they will do it. By stopping the trade they can stop the profit and the hunting stops.
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    OK, but if its illegal to sell how the the state earn revenue after the seizure?
  7. Real easy ... a state auction to another enitity. I have not heard about any of it being destroyed. It will probably be sold at a private auction to registerd and liscenced broker dealers. It happens all the time in the firearms bussines. I like it how Bohnas was able to pull product before the seizure.
    Economically it does not make sense to destroy it when the state can profit from it and put money in the state coffers. Packing my bags now.
  8. what is to stop them akuma is saying from declaring that anyone who holds gold is endangering the US economic system. that anyone who does so is an enemy combatant or a terrorist? dont you think money is more important to them than elephants? now cant this be viewed as a softening of the public before the iron fist really comes down? antique dealers are the primary purchasers of gold, then gold dealers, and as this begins with ivory this will have everyone else on edge and "expect" that these things are ok. this is conditioning.

  9. You are such an ignorant, conspiracy theorist minded ass, people like you should be required to take a IQ test before being accepted to this site.
  10. Well they are enforcing the law, as unfair as it may seem.

    Now if they could just do something about the thousands of illegal aliens crossing the border into their state.

    Guess the officers are too distracted getting the ivory off the streets. :confused:
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