Forget gas prices, milk prices are soaring!!!

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    Last week I went shopping, quart of 2% milk was .97

    This week $1.12

    Up 16% in one week!!!!

    High milk prices going higher, sour consumers

    Associated Press - June 10, 2007 2:44 PM ET

    MOBILE, Ala. (AP) - Drought, high fuel and feed prices, a surge in international sales and the cost of dairy operations.

    All are factors that are boosting milk prices to record levels and hitting consumers in the pocketbook.

    In Alabama, the price for a gallon of milk has already broken a 2004 record.

    Agriculture economists say it could hit $4.50 this summer.

    Experts say higher demand for milk overseas is a major factor in rising prices.

    Mississippi State University agriculture economist Dr. Bill Herndon said U.S. dairy sales to China and India are growing.

    He says the U.S. is taking up the slack caused by a dairy export decline from drought-hit Australia and New Zealand's inability to expand its production.

    Others experts say the dairy farmer doesn't set the price of milk and it's a product that can't be held off the market for long.

    Only about 75 licensed dairies operate in Alabama. Mississippi has about 190; Georgia 300; Florida 160; and Louisiana 250.
  2. Milk is for babies
  3. Yeah, babies and tons of other products you buy all the time. Do you read ingredients? Do you know how many packaged foods use milk in them? Guess not. :D
  4. I prefer mother's milk. Kinda bitter, but the packaging is great.
  5. I drink milk all the time. If you lack calcium in your bloodstream, then your body starts taking it away from your bones and then you feel this tired/fatigued feeling. Drink milk.

    I do know the feeling of the rising price of food. It just feels so wrong paying 7 dollars for a fast food meal and then the sky is the limit for anything at a real restaurant. Nevermind the restaurants or fast food places, what about the actual grocery store where for 75-100 dollars you walk out with a few bags of stuff.
  6. Ahhh, look at it this way. 20 years ago, I couldn't carry 100 bucks worth of groceries. Now, I carry them with one hand in a plastic bag.

    I'm gettin' stronger!
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    You can easily carry $100 dollars worth of groceries in one hand, now if you dont drink milk you need to do it in about 3-4 trips using 2 hands.