Forget G20, its now G19 vs USA

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  1. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Group of 20 is beginning to look more like the G19 plus 1 as emerging and rich countries alike accuse the United States of breaking a vow of unity.

    This week's G20 summit will require every bit of President Barack Obama's diplomacy skills after the Federal Reserve embarked on a new $600 billion bond-buying spree, sparking criticism from four continents that the U.S. central bank was ignoring the global repercussions.

    Officials from Germany, Brazil, China and South Africa were among those expressing concern that the Fed's money printing could weaken the dollar, drive up commodity prices and send uncontrollable waves of investor cash into emerging markets.

    They say USA is declaring financial war on the rest of them
  2. and Obama is having a vacation in India saying Mumbai attackers should be punished and Pakistan should not allow safe haven for terrorists.
  3. I found this in another forum.

    Is a White House coup about to take place?

    I recently posted a thread that contained links to an interview with a supposed White House insider who said that Obama was essentially off his rocker. This thread by another source contains a lot of interesting information about what is going on inside the White House. As with the other thread, I have no idea if this information is accurate or not so consider the sources.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't see anywhere in your article that quoted anyone as saying the USA is declaring financial war on them.

  5. Only idiots consider the President meeting the heads of state of important allies and attending the G20 in Seoul a vacation. Idiots, i say.
  6. Bob111


    that's a pretty expensive vacations i should say..i'm not a big fan of Bush, but his vacations on the ranch are probably way cheaper for US :p

    if you are nice,honest guy and everybody love you and your democratic country,full of freedoms and honesty,why you have to bring a little army(without any guns and shit(???)) with you on your vacation? what kind of vacation is that anyway? i never seen ANY nations leaders do something like this
  7. This has already been disputed on the other thread you created about Obama's supposed $200 million/day in India figure. Nobody else is reporting this, and the amount is clearly incorrect.

    If you want to spread rumors, at least make them believable.
  8. India was a vacation. Read media reports. Other countries and G20 are yet to come.
  9. Seems like the guy is always either (1) on vacation, or (2) making a speech to sell his Communist BULLSHIT to the American people.

    What else does he do (except golf and basketball)?
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