Forget futures and forex...

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  1. Both ET members lescor and neke trade mostly single stocks and have both lasted close to 10 years in this business. One of the best perf. systems on collective2 trades NQ stocks.

    See the patterns here? Forget futures and forex. They are losing proposition for the retail trader without a serious edge.
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    Looked at forex charts, saw patterns.

    Looked at futures charts, saw patterns.

    Looked at stock charts, saw patterns.

    Looked at options charts, saw patterns.

    Looked at 1-min, 3-min, 5-min, 10-min, 15-min, 30-min, 60-min, daily and weekly charts; saw patterns.

    They all seem to display the same patterns over and over again.

    Why futures and forex so bad? :confused:
  3. Well said!

  4. Yes, you see patterns, but what makes you think you can trade them?
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    I trade them every day. Intraday w 5-min chart, swing trade w 5-min and daily chart.
  6. Gee, If you see patterns, you know the future.

    There might be one advantage to trading one smaller stock. You can gain some power to move the stock.
    The population of traders for one smaller stock will be very small. You should be able to pick up on their habits a little better.
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  8. professional traders daytrade futures and forex is mostly for daytrading and really short term trading..professionals only daytrade futures and forex.

    there are hedgers for hedge funds and agriculture hedgers for commoditiy producers..

    position trading or swing trading is better for stocks rather than futures.

    forget futures for position or even swing trading...some people use futures for hedging but you can do that with options.


  9. Whatever you are on... I want some.
  10. Why forget futures?
    It a level playing field- the market can either go or up or down, just hope you are the right side, just like any other commodity. be it second hand cars etc..
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