Forget China, 'System D' Is World's Second Largest Economy

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    in my view, independent traders are also part of system D, maybe not on fiscal basis but rather in the mindset behind their ultimate career move.

    i don't know whether that article has some basis or not when it comes to the numbers presented and projections for the future but if we look at the abstention rates in western democratic countries, we will realize there is plenty of people that don't feel represented by our politicians and that is an indication of how many is prone to the idea of an alternative life style.
  3. It represents the private sector bypassing govt sanctions... Also most of the time it employs those that are unable to obtain work else where. I believe most system D workers would rather get legit jobs if they could.
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    Always be wary of corporate propaganda when it comes to telling us how bad the shadow economy is.

    I always love it when they build the good old 'terrorist' threat into the mix, as in 'terrorists are rumoured to be be using fake good productions lines to finance their attacks on the free world'.
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    IMF Report => Taxes We Ain't Getting!
  6. The cocaine profits in Columbia is 8 Billion.

    Why not have them plant corn and we make sure they get the same 8 billion profit.

    8 billion is nothing compared to what we spend now.
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    Consumption tax taxes everybody. We have to get the Left to get the hell out of the way so we can get rid of the "progressive" income tax and go to consumption tax.
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    IF we allow that the numbers in the article are correct for the sake of discussion, what this tells me is enough people around the world are getting tired of the 'status quo' political structure and the way governments operate.

    What we should be discussing is NOT what type of tax everyone should accept, but how to reduce government to the size and scope that the USA founding fathers laid out. IF we limited government to their view, many agencies would cease to exist and the need to tax the public for those agencies could vanish as well.

    Also we should discuss how to stop the re-election of senators, representatives, governors, just any and all politicians should be limited to the amount of time they can hold ANY political office to X number of years combined. Politics should NOT be a lifetime job, it was meant to be a TEMP job only.
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    Couldn't have said it better myself.
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    Consumption tax will lead to smaller government. People will see that more government means higher prices for them at the checkout.. as it stands most do not pay taxes and could care less if government gets bigger, corporations included..
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