Forget Bull Markets in Stocks

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by bearice, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Forget bull markets in stocks for many years. Only few good companies/stocks will increase many times. Remaining 95%+ world stocks are in serious trouble.

    We need another Magnitude 9.5 Earthquake to bring back viewers to elitetrader. The thread about Japan nuclear disaster reaching level 7 received 5,000 views on first day in wall street section.
  2. I think Russia and China have sympathy for Libya (not sure).

    When 2 big countries go at each other or Fight each other, that would be real big war. Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq are just warm up. Alternatively, when a big and powerful country supports Libya or Afghanistan or Iraq that would be real big War.

    World high inflation will ultimately lead to World War 3 and then atleast 1 Billion good and innocent people will be killed/die.

    Destroy world high inflation once and for all.

    Both ways there are Bear markets in stocks.

    When world high inflation is destroyed, profits of world companies will be seriously reduced/less.

    If world high inflation is not destroyed, there will be World War 3 and everybody knows what will happen.

    Fear is important for survival in the forest/wild/world.
  3. Man, you are a true tribute to the overall quality of Elitetrader. The owners of this site must be proud to see your many posts.

    One might ask why one would want to "Forget" what is real but that never stopped anyone from posting this shit on this site.
    So keep making stuff up the fantasy never dies.
  4. I think in year 1970, Gold price was high. That same time there was serious risk of USA - Russia War.

    USA population is 5% of world population and USA economy is 20% of world economy.

    So USA factors and problems will not result is major change in Gold price. Other major world events are increasing Gold price.

    Gold is accepted/valued by all 192 countries.

    High gold price are indicators/signals of Wars. With rising ''food inflation'' yes it's a precursor to war and social chaos like in middle east. All wars have economics as the reason for the war. Gold had reached $1513 per ounce today.
  5. Awesome. Your threads are even better than the one where the guy dueled with the IB demo account market makers, so keep posting them. Also, I collect non sequiturs so, needless to say, I consider these threads the mother lode!

    P.S: Off to buy some Sterno to cook my evening meal and help beat inflation!