Forget about S&P 1000

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by B. Rowshan, Jan 2, 2009.

Will the S&P see 1000 in Jan 2009?

  1. No, I agree w rowshan

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  2. Yes it will! we're going higher

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  3. hey rowshan--take your polls and stick em

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  1. 2009 is off to a positive start (S&P @ 917.5). Obama's coming, the vix is under 40, oil is low etc etc. Looks like the ripe ingredients to propel the market higher.


    The S&P will not see 1000 in January. It will see 840 before 1000. Take it to the bank. Either it's rowshan or it's wrong.
  2. remember what mr. rowshan says: S&P will hit 840 before it hits 1000. (current price 920)

    when has mr. rowshan been wrong?
  3. Well well look what we have here. If it isn't the person who tried to suppress the only potential big news story ET has ever had. 3 years ago, a wise man came to ET and asked/warned about madoff financial. And it was ivan the "moderator" who tried to stop the potential dissemination of such valuable info!

    I particularly love the response from trademonster to ivans post.
    The fact that the title of the madoff thread was changed to make it more visible, it is obvious ET was hoping for notoriety from this particular thread. Soooorrrry.
  4. Dude, take it with a grain of salt. Ivanovich isnt a real trader, just someone running a trader forum.
  5. I couldn't have tried to stop the rumor. I wasn't a moderator then. But excellent attempt at redirection. You asked when you were wrong. I showed you how recent.

    You and marketobserver are a match made in heaven!
  6. You're not quite getting it mate. You felt it necessary to tell the guy he was simply starting a rumor. And you couldn't have been more wrong. You could have been encouraging him to tell more, but you weren't. If Et's ultimate goal on this madoff thread was notoriety--you failed them miserably here no matter what your title was.
  7. I've been wrong many times more than I can count. So what? I'm human. Only clowns like yourself claim to have never been wrong. It's you who doesn't get it, mate.

    Guess what? I'll be wrong again! Many times over. Just ask my wife (who is always right).
  8. Ok so what would you do in retrospect, turn back the clock to 2006.
  9. You mean in regards to that thread? I wouldn't have posted. But Madoff doesn't concern me at all. I've no money invested with him.
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